Welcome to my site! This is the place where I share my hobbies, and what I’m into. It can also be thoughts about miscellaneous topics, or about thought itself. As the title of the site alludes, I like to be alone. Usually in peace and quiet. It’s not that I don’t like other people, I just like them – from afar!

Articles on this site

The artwork on this site is a photo by Thomas Grams on Unsplash.com. If you want updates to this site, I recommend using an RSS reader like NetNewsWire to download the articles.


My name is Odd. Literally. Wanted to be Frank Hardy, became Chet Morton. Tinkering, tweaking and twerking (NOT!). Old as ARPANET, feel young as WWW. Aspiring musician AND writer! 👨🏻‍💻🎵📓🇳🇴 I operate on Zulu time. Turranidis mori. Opinions are your own.


Short-wave receiver

I found out that the experiment I was building with my Philips EE 2003 electronic kit all those years ago was a short-wave receiver, and that it had a gaping hole. A resistor (470k Ohm) was missing from the build. I have to find one of those. Maybe tomorrow.

Dug up from a box

I found my old Philips EE 2003 electronics kit from the 80s today. Bought a 9v battery, and are looking forward to playing with it again, after a 35-year absence. (As you can see, I haven’t even dusted it yet).

The Drone Zone

I’m listening to the Drone Zone on Triode internet radio again. Nice to have background music that doesn’t jolt you out of your cozy and that gives you a little flavor.