Welcome to my site! This is the place where I share my hobbies, and what I’m into. It can also be thoughts about miscellaneous topics, or about thought itself. As the title of the site alludes, I like to be alone. Usually in peace and quiet. It’s not that I don’t like other people, I just like them – from afar!

Articles on this site

The artwork on this site is a photo by Thomas Grams on Unsplash.com. If you want updates to this site, I recommend using an RSS reader like NetNewsWire to download the articles.


My name is Odd. Literally. Tinkering and tweaking. Aspiring musician AND writer! 👨🏻‍💻🎵📓🇳🇴 I operate on Zulu time. Opinions are your own.


New melody

I have started working on a new melody that I’ve called “Jolt”. I intend to have it ready on the streaming platforms by my late uncle Kåre’s birthday, May 22. 🎵

Missing resistor

I’ve looked all over for the missing 470k Ohm resistor, but have yet to find it. I’ll probably have to order some from Elfa Distrelec or something…